Individual solicitors now have the freedom and flexibility to identify and determine their own training and development needs.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulations on continuing professional development for solicitors have changed.  Since November 2016, there's no longer been a requirement to complete 16 hours of CPD.  Instead you need to self-certify annually that you have “considered your training needs and taken measures to maintain your competence.”

Training providers no longer need to be authorised by the SRA. The new regime is a fresh approach to training which gives individual solicitors the freedom and flexibility to decide how best they ensure on-going competence and provide a proper standard of service.  This is where you can really add value.  You can decide on the sort of training that is going to benefit you now and in the future.

You’ve been in some form of education for a long time.  Has any of that prepared you to present yourself confidently?

  • How good are you at pitching for work – or in other words, closing the deal?
  • Are you proficient at communicating with your clients?
  • Do you get nervous when speaking in court?
  • How are your networking skills? 

The most successful solicitors are those that present themselves well.

If you are looking to further your career, future employers will be impressed if you have covered all areas of training, such as interpersonal and communication training.

The corporate world is getting tired of standard pitching tools – you need to be innovative and creative in order to stand out from the crowd.  You are entering an extremely competitive profession – your first impression is a lasting impression.

A few small changes make a big difference. 

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