The best leaders recognise that the art of leadership is something we learn – and communicating effectively is at the heart of outstanding leadership. Our ability to communicate effectively is best judged by the effect it has on others, the impact it generates and the results it achieves.

With the tailor-made training you could learn how to:

  • be able to communicate with impact whether in one-to-one situations, in team meetings, or when giving presentations
  • know how to communicate your ideas clearly and succinctly for maximum impact
  • learn techniques to present with confidence so that you can influence how others think and feel and ultimately move them to act.
  • know how to communicate to build rapport and empathy

Be remembered – for all the right reasons!

Many people feel apprehensive if they have to speak in public. Some completely dread it and will make any excuse to avoid an occasion where they are the speaker. I have been training people in public speaking and presentation skills for over 25 years and I know that fear can make your mind go blank, resulting in a complete disaster. I can promise you that is not going to happen!

Giving you confidence and taking the fear out of public speaking is what I do best. I know many techniques that will help you and give you belief in your own ability to stand up and speak well.

Here are some of the things I can help you with:

  • learning ways to focus and overcome fear
  • using body language, facial expression and gesture well
  • structuring a speech
  • engaging the audience
  • delivering a speech so that others listen
  • being persuasive, informative, inspiring or funny
  • developing your voice
  • develop confidence in networking
  • the elevator pitch
  • using pace, inflection, pause, pitch, projection,
  • preparing for an interview or press conference
  • impact when speaking
  • giving a good best man or wedding speech

If you would like to change, contact me to find out about the range of individual and group sessions that will make a real difference to your future.

People who speak with confidence are an asset to any company. They enjoy engaging with others and don't mind being the centre of attention.

Benefits of speaking more confidently -  your professional development.

  • Higher profile communications
  • Energised and more confident executives
  • A public image that will have more impact than your competitors.

Awareness of body language

Why is body language so important?  Powerful body language – developing and practising positive posture will change how people perceive you.

"Anne’s workshop was a perfect balance of worthwhile information and practical exercises that allowed me to speak out into the room with ease and comfort. I can definitely say that I can use what I have learnt not only for my business but for my personal life too. Anne’s workshop allowed me to feel a real sense of achievement and afterwards, felt an abundance of confidence in my stride. 

Thank you Anne, I will certainly be returning for more of your time and I strongly recommend anyone wanting to improve on their own speaking skills to attend these workshops too."