There are numerous times when we need to pitch for work, and sometimes those deals can be worth millions of pounds.  Just because you’re really good at your job, doesn’t mean you are good at communicating.  Speaking confidently is essential for pitching, networking, meeting clients, dealing with high level executives. 

So when are those moments when you need to put across your passion for your product or service?  Are you sure you can put across your message clearly and enthusiastically?  Why would people choose you?  This is where you start to realise the benefits of being a great speaker

  • Use your voice to create impact
  • Never be boring
  • Get your message across
  • Use powerful body language
  • Exude confidence
  • Appear more powerful
  • Own your space 

Often overlooked is the ability of managers and their teams to speak more confidently in all areas of their work.  Whether they are dealing with clients, customers, team members, other agencies, court officials, the media or presenting at formal events.  The development of vocal skills is an essential part of each individual’s performance, building self-confidence and eloquence that will benefit their representation of their company or business, making them committed team leaders that communicate their vision and support at all times.

If you can put in a little time and effort into learning how to speak more confidently, you can brighten up your career prospects and your social life!

 "Anne has now on a few occasions provided her expertise to my clients, both on a one-one basis and in a group training environment. Anne’s choice of activities make people feel at ease and allow them to test their ability and improve. All sessions have received fantastic feedback.  Anne’s colourful and positive approach is a real tonic and I always look forward to working with her."    Penny Strutton

                                                                  * * * * *

"I really enjoyed our session and actually had an interview this week where I got to put the exercises you taught me to the test! I really found the mouth exercises useful and definitely felt as if I spoke more slowly during the interview.

After practicing the things we talked about I found it was one of the more comfortable interviews I had done, hopefully all of this practice has put me in a good position going forward!

Thank you so much for your time and help!" N.V.


Do you need to speak more clearly?

Anne has worked with overseas' professionals to help them with their pronunciation and to speak English more clearly and confidently.